Optix v3.7.0 compatibility issue and optix wizard.

I have the following problems :

At first, i just installed in a freshly formatted PC: win 8.1+Visual studio 2013 + cuda 6.5 + optix 3.7 (final release)
No other version of any of these software is installed on the PC. everything is the 64-bit variants

optix 3.7 is supposed to be compatible with both CUDA 6.5 and VS2013 ultimate
Optix Samples compile nicely and i can compile optix code from there

BUT i do not get an Optix wizard in VS (and neither during the instalation of Optix) and when i try to compile .cu files with Optix code (like rtTrace ) then i get back a number of errors. Regular cuda code is being compiled fine.
It seems that optix is not recognized at all by VS

I have a project of my own that worked fine with VS2012

So if you could help me first with Optix Wizard and second with my project it would be very helpful