OptiX 5

OptiX 5 looks awesome from what details have come out so far.

Is there a planned release date? Is it known what version of Cuda and VS it will support?

October → CUDA 9.0 RC, from what I can tell.

Expect no answers on schedules or features of any unreleased product.
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Thank you - so October, or November (says tomshardware). Knowing that the release isn’t imminent is useful information for our upgrade plans.

Sorry to ask the question, I did manage to contain my enthusiasm for a month…

No problem. ;-) It’s just that we simply can’t comment on unreleased products.

Let’s try reading official marketing information again:

Any more news regarding a realease date ?
Since a few weeks the new 5.0 are featured on the optix site and if you click Get Optix, it´s still 4.1.1. Kinda misleading.

Hi David, OptiX 5.0 is now available for download.