OptiX Versions < 3.5?

Have the OptiX versions prior to 3.5 been pulled? I might be overlooking something, but I can’t seem to find a link to the older downloads and after dev-registration only 3.5.1 downloads are visible on the ftp site.
Would it be possible to make the older versions available again? Thanks!

PS: I’m sure the intent of the yearly overhaul of the developer web sites is to improve them, but it also seems to render a body of useful information inaccessible :(

would be indeed handy, for instance to check weather certain behaviour already appeared in previous versions.

I’m afraid though, that they removed it because of the new commercial license in OptiX 3.5.

The version 3.0.1 is still there: https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworks-optix-overview

Oh, cool. I knew only the other homepage: https://developer.nvidia.com/optix