OptiX 3.6.3 released

Hey folks,

Most of you are registered developers so you already received mail that we released OptiX 3.6.3. If you didn’t receive this email you need to sign up to be a registered developer. Go to https://developer.nvidia.com/optix to sign up. If you are already a registered developer and need to change your password or username, email OptiX-Help@nvidia.com.

3.6.3 was a bug fix release, with the following fixes:

• Bug fix for Trbvh.
• Bug fix Commercial release had some warning messages.
• Bug fix RTP_BUFFER_FORMAT_VERTEX_FLOAT4 wrong ray tracing kernel was selected.
• Bug fix Overly large library size on Linux.
• Bug fix Properly dirty buffer contents for buffers accessed via rtBufferGetDevicePtr.
• Bug fix Buffer dumping of GPU_LOCAL buffers in OAC.
• Bug fix Result buffer contains proper results when scene is empty in Prime.
• Bug fix Determine hit by testing t < 0 in Prime samples.
• Bug fix Properly build Trbvh over multi-Group accelerations with custom BoundingBox programs.
• Bug fix Trbvh peak GPU memory usage further reduced.
• Bug fix Double-precision cosine and other transcendentals now work properly, although ray tracing internals are still single-precision.
• Bug fix NVAPI error message thrown when using RemoteDesktop and only TCC-mode devices.
• Bug fix In Prime, buffer descriptor offsets for indices and vertices now work properly.
• Bug fix Buffers of structs that contain Buffer IDs now work.
• Bug fix Buffer of Buffer IDs corner cases now work.

good!how to download?

Go to https://developer.nvidia.com/optix to sign up for the registered developer program. We will then email you the info to download it.