OptiX 7.3 Release

I’m happy to announce OptiX 7.3 has been released this week.

A few major improvements in this version of OptiX include:

  • ARM CPU support
  • Temporal denoising
  • New, faster curve intersectors
  • Sparse textures, async / multi-stream support and more in the open-source Demand Loading library
  • Instance queries
  • More SDK samples

There is more information on the new OptiX features in our blog post and in our GTC 21 Talk titled “What’s new in OptiX 7.3”. For those not registered for GTC, this talk is scheduled to become available to anyone in the Nvidia developer program starting May 12.

OptiX 7.3 requires an Nvidia display driver numbered 465 or higher, and the SDK can be downloaded from our developer site here: NVIDIA OptiX™ Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

Release Notes: https://developer.nvidia.com/optix/downloads/7.3.0/releasenotes
Documentation: https://raytracing-docs.nvidia.com/
How to get Started with OptiX 7 dev blog: How to Get Started with OptiX 7 | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Notes on the previous release: OptiX 7.2 Release


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