OptiX 7.7 Release

OptiX 7.7 has been released! Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • New primitive: Displaced Micro-Meshes (DMMs) - allows dramatic memory savings for large mesh data
  • New primitive: Quadratic Flat Ribbon curves
  • New primitive: Cubic Bezier round curves
  • Temporal denoising support with the 2x upscaling denoiser mode
  • optixModuleCreate replaces optixModuleCreateFromPTX (since you can target both PTX & OptiX-IR)
  • Tweaks, bug-fixes, and new SDK samples
  • 7.7 Release Notes: https://developer.nvidia.com/downloads/designworks/optix/secure/7.7/OptiX_Release_Notes_7.7_01.pdf

And since I forgot to post OptiX 7.6, here’s are main features from 7.6

  • New primitive: Opacity MicroMaps (OMMs) - allows dramatic reduction of anyhit calls when using opacity textures
  • Open source OptiX Toolkit released, the new home for the OptiX Demand Loading library, PyOptix python bindings, and other OptiX utilities.
  • Tweaks, bug-fixes, and some new SDK samples
  • Find 7.6 Release Notes in the 7.7 Release Notes link above

OptiX 7.7 requires an Nvidia display driver numbered 530.41 or higher, and the SDK can be downloaded from our developer site here: NVIDIA OptiX™ Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

More information on DMMs and OMMs, including an open-source toolkit repo for DMMs and links to related GTC talks can be found here: https://developer.nvidia.com/rtx/ray-tracing/micro-mesh

See the OptiX Advanced Samples repository for demonstrations beyond the samples that come with the SDK. Detlef has a nice demo of OMMs, for example. GitHub - NVIDIA/OptiX_Apps: Advanced Samples for the NVIDIA OptiX 7 Ray Tracing SDK

OptiX API documentation: https://raytracing-docs.nvidia.com/

How to get Started with OptiX 7 dev blog: How to Get Started with OptiX 7 | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Forum post of the previous release: OptiX 7.5 Release