OptiX 7.1 Release

After a long strange spring, we are pleased to announce the release of the OptiX 7.1 SDK.

The top OptiX 7.1 highlights:

  • Added curves as a new type of geometric primitive
  • Improved the Denoiser
  • Increased instancing limits
  • Several new device exceptions were added to catch common errors

This blog post covers the highlights of the changes: https://news.developer.nvidia.com/optix-sdk-7-1/

There is a video from GTC that goes into more depth on curves and demand loading: https://developer.nvidia.com/gtc/2020/video/s21904

Release Notes: https://developer.nvidia.com/designworks/optix/downloads/7.1.0/releasenotes

Download Link: https://developer.nvidia.com/designworks/optix/download

Documentation: https://raytracing-docs.nvidia.com/ (Also you will find the OptiX 7.1 programming guide & API reference PDF files in the OptiX 7.1 SDK download)

Additional Resources:

Keith’s getting started blog post: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/how-to-get-started-with-optix-7/

Detlef’s OptiX 7 Advanced Samples: https://github.com/NVIDIA/OptiX_Apps

Ingo’s Siggraph 2019 course notes: https://gitlab.com/ingowald/optix7course

Happy Ray Tracing!



Hi David,

The 7.1 release notes mention a new sample that does not exist:

optixDynamicGeometry - Shows typical setup for changing geometry between frames

Thanks. That seems to be a copy-paste error in the OptiX SDK 7.1.0 Release Notes. It’s actually an example in the OptiX SDK 6.5.0.

EDIT: The OptiX SDK 7.2.0 release contains the mentioned optixDynamicGeometry example now.

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Hello David,

I didn’t find this in the release notes, but I noticed that inside an OptixBuildInput the OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray-typed property was named aabbArray (in 7.0) and now is named customPrimitiveArray (7.1). That is correct, right?

Yes, that’s right.
In the end, the OptiX headers are the ground truth information.

Find that difference in optix_7_types.h. That name was more in line with the actual structure names in there, which are OptixBuildInputTriangleArray, OptixBuildInputCurveArray and OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray.

are there some UE4 and Optix samples?
Thank you in advance.

Not that I know of. The Unreal Engine supports ray tracing with DXR since version 4.22. Please find more information in the online UE4 docs.