> OptiX 3.5 is now available

OptiX 3.5 is now available

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OptiX 3.5 Features:
• OptiX Prime is a set of OptiX APIs designed for very high performance intersection of rays against a set of triangles. OptiX Prime is a highly optimized API that provides a much richer API than rtuTraverse and orders of magnitude improvement in acceleration structure build time and faster intersection performance. See simplePrime and simplePrimepp in the SDK for examples of how to use OptiX Prime.
• A new acceleration structure builder “Trbvh” performs a very fast GPU-based BVH build. Its ray tracing performance is usually within a few percent of SBVH, yet its build time is generally the fastest, at about 120X the speed of SBVH. This new builder should be strongly considered for all datasets that fit within its GPU memory requirements.
• rtContextCompile has been sped up by up to 7X.
• Increased performance on recent GK110 class GPUs. Machines using Quadro K6000, Tesla K40 or GeForce GTX Titan Black boards should see a performance increase of at least 25% over previous OptiX versions.
• Visual Studio 2012 is supported, together with an OptiX Wizard that makes creation of OptiX projects extremely simple.
• CUDA 5.5 is supported.
• OptiX 3.5 libraries are now statically linked with the CUDA runtime library. As a result, no cudart*.dll file needs to be shipped and applications are free to use different versions of the CUDA runtime library in different libraries of their application.
• Buffers of Buffers and Bindless Buffers are new features enabling access to buffers with a single ID (as compared to a named variable), comparable to bindless Texture Samplers.

As a nVidia customer and fan, I think that the decision to make a commercial license for Optix, will only lead the open source community to make a similar project using open standard (like OpenCL) and so giving lifeblood to competitors. It’s only one less (small, indeed) reason to choose hardware nVidia. No other real advantages. But perhaps one exists: the rivals challenge us to improve ourself more and more and this, at the end, is an advantage for everyone.

The link points to the 3.0.1 version of OptiX.

There has been a problem with the website, now it should be restored

Do I need to fill in the form again to get access to OptiX 3.5?

If you already got your credentials, no need to do it again. If you didn’t, please do it.

I updated this post with the new features of 3.5. Click the link to go get it. We know it was long in coming, but we hope it’s worth it. And there’s more coming soon.

We want to get to know you, our customers, a little better, so we started an OptiX Registered Developer Program. You fill out the survey and we will enroll you in the program and send you the credentials to download OptiX 3.5. If you’re really anxious to get started you can still download OptiX 3.0 instantly.


How get OptiX 3.5?
On download page (https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload) i see “Contact us to gain access”
and when I click on it I get on www.surveymonkey.com.

Hi Max, you will get the credentials sent via mail after completing the survey.

Where is “the survey”? I can’t see it! What I see is that “you should to create a survey”!

I completed the survey, but nothing happens.

Did you follow the link in the first post of this thread?

The standard way would be to go to https://developer.nvidia.com/
Click either the GameWorks or the Professional Graphics menu or picture.

  • When clicking the GameWorks image the next page presents an OptiX menu. Select the single entry “Overview”.
  • When clicking on the Professional Graphics image, the next page contains a “Technologies” menu, select OptiX there.
    Either following page contains a link named “Apply to be a Registered OptiX Developer”. That will lead you to the survey to gain access to OptiX 3.5.

Evaluation of your data will take about a working day and you’ll be notified via e-mail address you entered into the survey.

I look forward to. It is a pity that so difficult to access.

On a sidenote: please enter valid credentials and data. Disposable email addresses and temporary mail folders (and/or clearly invalid data that resembles spam text) will likely get filtered by the spam system.

I have proceeded as requested, but after completing the survey I’m stuck on https://www.surveymonkey.com/Home_Landing.aspx?sm=xxx, and I receive no email.

[EDIT] Ok, I received it.

Right, and the explanation for that is also inside the post you cited from.

Making it so very difficult to download the software and user’s manual by obscuring it behind a survey web-site is a sure way to discourage developers and is extremely unprofessional. Do you want people to use it, or would you rather they decide it is too mismanaged to be a long term option for their product development? Getting Optix should be as simple as getting OpenGL drivers. What has been done to restrict access in self-defeating.

No professional is going to give personal data to a site called Survey Monkey.

You botched this one NVIDIA.

I sent an email to have info about that new commercial license thing a week ago. Nothing happens, so I ask it here again :

  • What are the terms and conditions of using Optix in a commercial context ?
  • What is the cost of an Optix license ?
  • Do I have to order an Optix developper license or an end-user license ?

Thank you

Our current method for obtaining your registration information is temporary until the formal NVIDIA Registered Developer system can accommodate OptiX later this spring. While it may not currently be as professional of an interface as we’d like, the information is secure and we treat it with complete confidence.

Registration for OptiX 3.5 has so far been excellent, and the information we’re receiving is already helping us make decisions about how best to guide future aspects of OptiX.

I apologize for any delays in getting back to inquiries about OptiX Commercial. The interest level has surprised us, and it’s taking a bit of time for us to get efficient at answering. I have made sure that the below request was just now answered.

  • Phil

Hi, guys!
I filled the survey several days ago, and I would appreciate if the process would be sped up.
The project I want to contribute to has a strong dependency on OptiX3.5. My development process is blocked by that.

I do understand this may be difficult and so on, but it’s NVIDIA who put itself in the situation such as this.
So far I’m disappointed, so far the products could be easily obtained and fun to work with, so far it’s been almost a year since the last message here and the situation seems to be the same.