CUDA 5.5 Support

Are there any indications of when support for 5.5 will drop?

I’m giving the same answer I gave to m_sch:

The next version of OptiX will contain support for CUDA 5.5 as well as numerous bug fixes and new features (no spoilers :). Unfortunately I can’t commit on a firm release date, but we hope to get it out shortly.

Thanks for your reply. To some people shortly means the release is imminent, but to others it may mean “in coming months”. We all love hearing that one. m_sch was just hoping for before late March of next year. I am in the process of porting some code to a new install and made the mistake of not paying close enough attention to version support. The OS on the new machine is not supported by CUDA 5.0 and earlier. I’m not requesting any commitment or a release date, but it would help me figure out how hard I want to make 5.0 happen, if 5.5 were within days, weeks, or months. Any way you can say what order of magnitude you hope for? The powers that be may forbid even that clarity. In that case, I’ll just use the GPU MonteCarlo simulation sample code to estimate the time frame. Not really. Thanks.