Does Optix support GeForce 780?

Does Optix support GeForce 780? :D
New version coming supporting CUDA 5.5 too? :D

The 780 is still a kepler series GPU and should work but I have not tested. The only GPUs that we have tested and the current v3.0 may have minor ‘niggles’ with are the Titan GTX and the Tesla K20 (i.e. GK110s) which are comparable/above the 780 so you shouldn’t have any worries there. If you do find one of the strange buffer issues Nvidia have an internal fixed build they may be willing to give. Hopefully a v3.x version of OptiX will be out before you get to that stage.

For the second issue you can use the v5.5 CUDA compiler if you so must as optiX just needs the PTX files that are generated. The OptiX library may internally use a different CUDA runtime though and I don’t know what happens there if you try and use CUDA interop in that case.

Either way you should be fine and if you are just starting out there won’t be any direct issues with what you are asking to my knowledge. Somebody at Nvidia may correct me on the CUDA 5.5 OptiX-Interop things though hopefully.

CUDA 5.5 support is on its way and it’s being worked on. There are several internal issues to be taken care of. As soon as this is dealt with a full range of new features will be “unlocked”. Stay tuned.