Optix [is not] deprecated

OptiX based project I’m working on is being terminated as there is no confidence in OptiX future.
1/4 year after RTX release, there is no RTX specific support in OptiX, denoiser does not work on RTX, and there is no ETA and no comment from Nvidia.

If anyone trustworthy can say something positive about OptiX and RTX, this is the last chance to save the project.

There will be an upcoming version OptiX 6.0, see:

For OptiX here in this forum there is a great support from NVIDIA. They really work hard on our problems.

You simply wait until they are done with the new version.

Thanks, seeing 6.0 instead of 5.2 makes sense after 3 months of waiting, small update turned big. But still, it’s just two forum moderators claiming something about future OptiX, I can’t google any other mentions of 6.0. It’s not ideal data to base urgent business decision on.

That’s how they work. It’s done when it’s done. They never publish release dates, since they’d have to postpone them anyway or release buggy code. It’ll be released eventually, as will 6.1 and 7.0, perhaps with a 6.2 in between. 4.0 took a long time as well, since that was a major internal overhaul. In the meantime use an older GPU. :)

Dear stepan.hrbek,

You’re right, as an OptiX insider and one of the two forum mods you referred to, I probably can’t be trusted. ;) However, we do hear and understand your concerns. The OptiX team is working very hard to release the next version containing RTX support. It is on the way and OptiX will be supported into the future.

If there’s something we can do to help you save your project before you make your decision, please consider contacting OptiX support directly with the details of your project needs by emailing optix-help@nvidia.com. If you have a lot invested in your project, it would certainly be disappointing to discard it prematurely. Either way, we may be able to offer advice on your path forward.