Optix 6.5 - Prime Samples fail with RTX 3080


i have some issues with Optix 6.5 on an RTX 3080 (Laptop, Windows 10)

All Non-Optix Prime Examples (like optixPathTracer and optixDeviceQuery) are working fine.
But all Optix Prime Examples (like primeSimplePP, primeInstancing, …) are failing.
primeInstancing failes after “using cuda context” printout with an “illegal memory access was encountered”.
others are just freezing.

Same problem, if i compile the samples myself with VS2019.

Also some other program of mine which uses Optix Prime works fine on 10xx and 20xx generation gpus, but freezes if i start it on the RTX 3080.

NVIDIA Driver 466.26 is used.

I know that Optix 6.5 is not recommended on newer GPU because it is not optimized for using RTCores.
But it should be still compatible, right?


We’re investigating, I do see the same issue on Linux with driver 465.27. In the mean time, you can probably roll your driver back one version to get them working if you want to play with the samples or keep an older project running.

Yes Prime should still run, I believe, so this is a mistake, apologies for the hiccup! Thank you for reporting it, we’ll work to get it fixed ASAP.

Just to be candid, I don’t know how long Prime support in new driver versions will continue. Any production needs based on Prime may wish to lock to a previously working driver version. We definitely recommend not starting new projects on Prime, but using OptiX 7 instead. The “optixRayCasting” sample in OptiX 7 was introduced as an example of Prime-like usage, and it can take advantage of the RT Cores for much higher performance.