Can't compile PhysX 3.3 beta 2 Samples on the Mac

I’m running Mac OSX version 10.8.4 and the latest Xcode 4.6.3 but the Samples Xcode project will not compile out of the box.

I’m getting a “stdio.h file not found” error message in ODBlock.h(line 86)and RenderFoundation.h(line 31)

I don’t have much Mac development experience and I’m wondering if this could be a problem with my Xcode install or whether others are hitting the same problem.



Sometimes there are problems with samples on Macs due to mismatch of the OS and libraries used to build the binary PhysX SDK, vs. the OS and libraries available on the user’s hardware. I’ll try it again on my Mac to see if I have the same problem.


I compiled and ran the Samples for OSX64, using my older MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. Which OS and which XCode are you using?


Hi Mike,

I’m using a MacBrook Pro running MaxOSX10.8.4. I just updated Xcode from the AppStore to verion 4.6.3
All my other personal projects compile fine when I include “stdio.h” so I think my Xcode install is ok

If I try to compile Snippets/SnippetsHelloWorld, I get a “file not found” error message for “string.h” in Px.h

Thanks for the help,


I’ll ask around to see if we have a similar setup for testing. I suspect that the project paths will have to be re-directed after you convert the project to your version of XCode.