I am new to Physx and can not compile Sample.sln


I wantet to compile the PhysX-3.2.1_PC_SDK/Samples/compiler/vc10win64/Samples.sln with Visual Studio 2012.
After compiling I receive the Error message XINPUT1_4.dll was not found.

How can I fix this Problem?

did you install the directx SDK ?

Hi - XINPUT1_4.dll is only shipped with Windows 8.x.
So Win 7 doesnt have this dll - and not the .lib so you cant link against them.

This happend to me too - after the VS 2012 Update 2.
You have to configurate your platformtoolset to Visaul Studio 2012 - WindowsXP (v110_xp).

Just go to the solution options, and go to common settings.
After you changed to this value, you should compile everthing new - ( it will do it automaticly )

Ok now I was able to compile sample.sln

I tried to implement the Startup tutorial, which is described in the dokumentation in Physx, in PhysXGuide.chm. I put all includefiles, in the includePath of my solution and every lib file in the libraryPath of my solution.

But the error : PxDefaultErrorCallback is undefined occures. The header #include “PxDefaultErrorCallback.h” is included.

Ok I found the reason. PxDefaultErrorCallback is define in the namespace physx


a hint: You could use in your precompiled header (when you are using one): using namespace physx;

The problem is, that in the PhysxGuide.chm it is not mentioned, that PxDefaultErrorCallback is in the namespace physx.

In the Startup Tutorial in PhysxGiude.chm there is a class or a struct called PxDelayLoadHook. I did not found a header for it or any thing were it is declared and defined. But I need PxDelayLoadHook to compile the Startup example. Were can I find it. Or were is the Header or what is the name of the namespace contaiing it?

It also would be a greate help for me, if somebody, how is familiar with physx 3.2 would show me source code, how to implement the first startup project in the PhysxGuide.chm or source code to set up Physx in his own way. I woude be very grateful if somebody would help me to use physx.

I am programming in directx since years, so I am wondering, why it is so difficult to set up Physx.


Hm. Okay. But the samples can help when you get such errors :)

I guess you read something wrong.
You dont need a PxDelayLoadHook in your app - I guess even the samples dont use them.
Its better to read the .chm completly - and not only the parts where source is.

I use PhysX 3.2.4 - the samples are also using them.
You could take a look into the samples to learn how to setup PhysX. Its really not so hard.
Okay - there are much other classes and methods you dont need - but as you said in a other thread,
you know c++ thus it wont take much time to learn how and why PhysX works. ( And to filter which source
you need )

As I said in the other posts, PhysX is well designed and easy to use.
Its not hard to setup it correctly - but it takes times when you are new with it.

You could also try a tutorial:

This guy have some other tutorials about the basics - maybe you could learn something from it.

I saw in your other post that you already take code from here:

I must say - this tutorial is not the best - but you choose it. (Delete it :D)