Compiling errors PhysX-4.0 Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10

Hi, I’ve been trying to compile and test the latest PhysX-4.0 sdk. After running generate_projects.bat, I loaded up compiler\vc15win64\ALL_BUILD.vcxproj. I get errors for the following missing. I have partially installed Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010), but I read that its included in a current NET and not needed.

#include <d3dx9.h>
#include <d3dx11tex.h>

I added $(DXSDK_DIR)Include to my to my include directories following this guide, but no luck. My platform is x64. Any thoughts on what else I should do?

for the samples you need to have installed the directx SDK (June 2010). You should not need to add any include directories.
The installation of directx SDK should add you path into environmental variables:
Value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\

When this variable does exist, then the include path is added during generate_projects.bat.


Good answer, but just to make it a little more clear for the next person who runs into this issue.

  1. Install the DirectX SDK (June 2010)
  2. Rerun generate_projects.bat
  3. Select the build configuration called “checked” from the drop down menu in Visual Studio (recomended),
  4. Rebuild the project.

That topic is still helpful. Installing DirectX SDK (June 2010) helped even though it finished with an error. Files were successfully installed so all I needed was to add an include directory.