Need Help Getting Started

Hi all.
I think I have tried everything, but the forums, in my long search to getting started using visual studio and physx.
I have downloaded the ‘PhysX-3.3.2_WINDOWS_SDK_Core’ and tried building the samples.sln on both vs2012 and vs2013. Both returned errors and failed to build - for the past two days I have been trying to fix the problem. I have not found a single video tutorial - which would have been so nice.
I decided I would try to recreate the samples from scratch, but I don’t know the exact procedure. I know I need to configure the properties, but I am uncertain of ‘what goes where’ etc. This is the closes example I found,
…but it’s an old example, and my …\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX directory does not contain close to half of the folders in that example.
I really am eager to get started with physx, but I am completely stuck. Can anyone help me please?

Could you please post the errors? You might need to install the DirectX SDK to build the Samples. Can you build the Snippets?