Bad examples in PhysX 3.3.2

What happened to the examples? They are confused and messy on the same project. Please come back in the next version with the old standard (2.8) or create a better one. Because these examples are a Chuck Norris level of understanding!


Did you take a look at the snippets that ship with 3.3.2? I agree that the samples aren’t the easiest to follow. The snippets were developed as a way of introducing key PhysX concepts and features in a simpler way.

I agree with gyeoman, the samples are not the easiest to follow and you will run into problems if you decide to just cut and paste instead of using the sample in conjunction with the SDK documentation which is how I imagined they should be used…Just diving into the SDK samples is akin to driving a car without know what the hell you are doing…you have some basic idea of what driving is…but it doesn’t really helps a 100%.

Agreed with icaro56. It’s nice to have full fledged samples but some easy to follow starters would be nice as well.