3.3.2 - Android x86 and iOS 64


With the release of 3.3.2 I read that Android x86 devices support were added.

However I’ve downloaded the latest SDK from
And in the Lib there are only 2 folders:
I’ve tried linking with them anyway, but when building x86 version, I get undefined references to things like ‘PxCreateFoundation’, etc.
Which makes me think that the x86 versions aren’t actually included? Or did I miss something?

Also I’ve noticed that PhysX SDK for iOS has been made publicly available - great!
However when I’m compiling for 64-bit iOS, there are compile errors, “unknown platform” in “PxPreprocessor.h”
In the file there’s detection for

elif defined(arm)

but no arm64.
Did I miss something or is there no 64-bit iOS support?



Android-x86 requires a separate distro, which is available if you contact physxlicensing@nvidia.com. Only the Android-ARM distros are available on the developer support site currently.

Support for iOS-64 will appear in PhysX-3.3.3, due out by next GDC.


Thanks for the reply.
Awaiting next release.