PhysX source code license


I’m trying to read the announcement and the EULA for the source release of PhysX but there are a couple of things I can’t seem to find:

  1. It says that it’s “available free with full source code for Windows, Linux, OSx and Android”. How about iOS? Windows Phone?
  2. Can I sell games using PhysX on these platforms without buying a license from nvidia? (might seem obvious, but the epic EULA makes me worried that I’ve missed some point regarding this)
  3. Can I sell a (closed source) game engine targeting these platforms without buying a license from nvidia?


It is a confusing state of affairs and I wish Nvidia would clarify it in plain language. It is made harder by there being multiple PhysX eulas out there all that have slightly different terms and wording. Nvidias recently announcement and sites like (unofficial source I know) did imply that the iOS version is free to use, but this is not reflected in the Eula.
They also don’t reply to the email address, so trying to clarify anything is impossible if you’re not a big company.

If the github Eula is the most up to date one, then it appears to say only Windows, Linux and Android can be used for free. You have to notify Nvidia of the product you are releasing. And you have to mention Nvidia PhysX in every press release and in splash screens etc. You don’t have pay a license for these platforms, even if the game makes more than $100,000 (other Eulas do make mention of this figure)

It would appear that for every other platform, including iOS, you DO still need a license for it, but acquiring one is not so simple. If you do find anything out please share it here!