Somebody help me with Physx FLEX and UE4

Hi there I am a game developer that also uses UE4 and have been really really struggling to set up FLEX with UE4 can someone pleease help me I have already researched so much about it and followed step by step the integration instructions for it.

Thanks in advance.

Can you give some more information on the problem you are having? The official Flex UE4 integration is available here:

You need to be registered via. the NVIDIA developer and Epic sites to access that repository. You can ask questions via Github issues there.


What happens is after I the the setup.bat finishes I open the generateprojectfiles.exe and it give me an error and then half a second later it closes and no UE4 visual Studio file is created for me to open.

Do you have an appropriate version of Visual Studio installed? e.g.: VS2015?

Can you also please move this discussion to a Github issue.