Flex for Unity: SoftActor doesn't work in Unity 2017.4.10f1

As the title says, there’s a problem with this version of unity it seems, as soon as you hit play, the simulation happens, but the actual model rendering doesn’t occur via the “FlexSoftSkinning” component, it just vanishes. If you turn on “Draw Particles” you can see the debug view, it’s simulating, but for some reason the Skinned Mesh Renderer output just blips out of view.

Just as an update, after much trial and error, the problem is the tutorial is flawed.

The Tutorial shows the creation of an Empty and a Skinned Mesh Renderer being added to it and so on to create the Skinned SoftActor. This only works if your model has no skeleton, as is the case with the Octopus they include and show in the tutorial. If your model has a skeleton, you must drag in the original model, you can’t just added a Skinned Mesh Renderer to an empty as they show.

The tutorial needs to be corrected to explain this important difference.