Will PhysX Particle System feature soft bodies?

I was reading this discussion older Is PhysX5 using flex? and it was said, that PhysX will feature both FEM and PBD (like in Flex) soft bodies. Is this still happening? From what I read PBD soft bodies would be a great, less precise and more performant alternative to FEM?


This doesn’t in any way cover my question. I know where the documentation is :)

Hi @janis.taranda. I agree with Daryl that in Omniverse we have both Deformable Bodies and the Particle System that can be used to simulate soft bodies: Particle Simulation — Omniverse Create documentation

Can you clarify what you’re trying to build?

I am trying to build some sort of physics sandbox. I want it to fully relay on Particle system, so I can also do transitions, like melting and beyond. At this moment I can not give much more details on the project.

I might picked the wrong forum topic, because I am using the Physx SDK in my Cuda application and not Omniverse app.

Can you share a snippet or just the idea how get soft bodies with Particle System? All I see is cloth, but, for example, a jelly bunny doesn’t really fit in the cloth category?

Thanks for clarifying Janis. I’ll reach out to the physics team so they can comment.

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See also this related discussion on our GitHub repo (is that you, actually?): Flex Vs PhysX Particle System - part 2 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/PhysX · Discussion #129 · GitHub

For a softbody, you should use the FEM deformable bodies that @daryl.dunlap.ohio pointed out. If you use the SDK directly, check out the softbody snippet.

You may get partly there if you use a PBD inflatable, which we have, if you insist on the particle system. Also, but I am not sure about it, you could try to build a softbody using appropriately setup particle cloth springs / particles. There should be snippets for both.

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Thank you for these insights. I will try these things.

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