Particle Simulation ( PhysX / APEX / FLEX )


i am new an i am a little bit confused which SDK i should use for my particle simulation.

What is the difference between PhysX Particle and APEX Particle Simulation (I have also read something about FLEX Particle for PhysX 3.4.)

I want the particle simulation on GPU. And which SDK supports a particle collision with an complex model? (I dont need an interaction between the particles)

It would be very nice if anybody could give me an overview.

Main PhysX SDK supports regular particles and fluids (SPH particles), both with GPU acceleration.
AS for complex models, particles do support collisions with static triangle shapes and heightfields, afaik.

APEX Particles module is an extension of PhysX particle system, which includes several game oriented features, like LOD system, particle effects editor, etc

FLEX is a new universal solver, that uses contrained particles to represent object with different properties (rigid bodies, cloth, fluids) and provides interactions between them. This one is not available for public yet.

Thank you for the summary.