Amd and physx ... ?

Does Physx work on AMD chipset? Or is recommended nforce chipset? :)

Is this just dev forum or and consumers can be here ?

As long as your CPU is x86 based you shouldn’t have any problems running basic PhysX. Some modules of PhysX though are hardware accelerated using compatible Nvidia graphic cards.

Thanks, my cpu is 64bit (which is better), i have nvidia card but want to buy some good new parts, a new motherboard probably amd chipset and amd cpu but i have nvdia card for now … thats why i ask this … :)

PhysX supports both CPU and GPU simulation. GPU simulation is only available on Nvidia graphics card irrespective of CPU. Well written application usually check for GPU simulation support and allow for CPU fallback if its not present. I run and develop using AMD hardware, CPU + GPU and have no problem running any of the PhysX module.