Using PhysX on GPU not working


I’m developing a program using PhysX 3.3.1, I initialized physx according to the examples, but when I check if physx runs on the GPU via the driver option “Show PhysX Visual Indicator”, it says it runs on the CPU. I assumed that collision detection should run on the GPU? Did I miss something? Or what is needed to enable it? I crated a CudaContextManager and asigned it with sceneDesc.gpuDispatcher = _cudaContextManager->getGpuDispatcher();, CUDA is installed. What’s wrong?

Thanks for your help


What OS are you using ?

Not all rigid bodies are simulated on the GPU, in most cased you will have to mirror a few objects for proper interaction with GPU rigid bodies. Also for the GPU simulated features, there is usually a flag use to specify this when the object is being created …ex for cloth. Just creating a CudaContextManager is not enough, since GPU simulation is not a requirement afaik.

Hi, thanks for the answer. I use Win 8.1 x64, VS2013.

I’ve found it for the cloth, eGPU, but haven’t seen one for rigid bodies. Are only cloths computable on GPU?