PhysX cloth modelling

Hello, I need a physics engine for simulating cloth. The cloth needs to be in the form of a particle network and I need to be able to access each particle in particular and get data from it like position, characteristics and so on. I intend to work with OpenGL also, and basically what I need to do is to create material, cut it, grab it, sew it back together, and “dress” up objects like spheres, cubes, and maybe even more complicated 3d shapes, and for this I need to be able to work on particles individually.Can anyone please help me, as I don’t really know where to start (I am at the very beginning), and tell me if Apex is good for this, or maybe another version of PhysX is more suited, and maybe which one. Any help is really appreciated, as I said I am very new at this and I am currently clueless.


PhysX/APEX doesn’t support the cutting/sewing operations. It may be possible to create a toolchain on top of PhysX cloth that would allow operations like that, but it would require significant effort.


I need to make the cutting and sewing operations by myself as part of a project, I only need PhysX for creating the cloth and maybe deal with some collision problems. This is why I am interested if there is any version of PhysX which, after I create the cloth and add it as an actor in the scene, when collision occurs with another object allows me to deal with it by accessing the particles of the cloth and performing operations on them. From what I read, Apex doesn’t seem to fit this, since I’ve noticed that it is used mainly with 3DStudio Max and Maya (please correct me if I am wrong), and I will be working with OpenGL. From what I’ve read, there are more versions of PhysX which offer different functionalities and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if any of them supports the type of actions that I mentioned above

PhysX cloth allows you to access individual cloth particles, add forces, attach them to different things.

You might have to delete/recreate when you want to cut one piece of cloth to many pieces. PhysX 2.8 might be more suitable for you as it takes care of collision for you and supports tearing. Please take a look at the NxCloth API in 2.8 samples/docs.

In PhysX 3.x, you will have to manually add in collision shapes for the cloth.