Dressing a character - PhysX 2.8 or 3.2?

Hello everyone,

I just installed PhysX/Apex to see what I can get out of it, but meanwhile I would like to ask here in case anyone who has more experience with it can help. I would like to dress a character, and by that I mean be able to take a scarf/coat/pants/… and somehow put it in place on the character.

I have read that PhysX 3 cloth is specifically oriented towards character clothing, but I think this assumes that the character is already dressed up. My main concern is if I will be able to handle collisions if I need the cloth to collide with a 3D mesh instead of a collision shape such as a capsule, etc… I mean, it could be pretty obvious that there is an offset when putting a scarf on the character if I show the whole process. In this case, should I use the cloth system in PhysX 2.8 instead?


Personally I would go with PhysX-3.2.x APEX-1.2.x, and blend some simulation into the animation of the dress/undress behavior. I doubt you’ll get better behavior with PhysX-2.8.x