physx clothing(sewing/stitching)

can we attach any other objects to a cloth piece in physx(or another cloth)? If yes please tell me how to do it…I am trying to implement sewing operations using physx.I tried joints…but it seems joints can only connect actors of type rigidactors

The cloth simulation in APEX/PhysX/NvCloth is not designed to have objects attached to the cloth.
What kind of objects do you want to attach?
You might be able to attach two pieces of cloth together by merging the meshes and cooking a new fabric.

@mtamis Thanks for answering
can you tell me the purpose of submesh(mentioned in Render Mesh Asset)?..can i use it to treat two cloth meshes as one???

Which Render Mesh Asset?
I’m only familiar with NvCloth (similar to the low level of PhysX and APEX cloth) which doesn’t deal with any graphics.

its in apex…you can find it in Render Mesh Asset Interfaces in apex

It doesn’t look like submeshes will help you with stitching.

My bet would be on generating the physical mesh manually (with something like this maybe: Authoring Interfaces — NVIDIA APEX Documentation ?)
But This will probably not look very nice if you try to do it at runtime.

I’m not familiar with APEX, and it is deprecated now so I won’t be much help there.

I don’t think APEX clothing (or NvCloth for that matter) is going to be the best thing to use for what you want, but I’m still not entirely sure what you want to do.

what i want to do is take a 3d model and dress it…in my program there are different pieces of cloth and i want to stitch the cloth pieces selected by user at runtime

Using the authoring interface is probably your best bet in that case.

thanks for your advice…let me try it out