Apex cloth latch to nearest error

I face with physx cloth error.
Then I paint max distance and simulate looks quait nice, but then I paint latch to nearest
my cloth inside simulate, but outside not. What I’m doing wrong???
Help would be nice.

http://www.part.lt/img/0306629a822f2d2ef9b31819d7cf3bff785.jpg Here at start.
http://www.part.lt/img/9647c8ca99d13adeaf0f5bcb722d9a6e950.jpg Here simulating.

(I use 3d max 2013 64 bit, PhysX SDK Version 3.2.3, PhysX Plug-in Version 2.89.00313.15090)

Someone can help?


How about to explain your problem in more details, instead of bumping it pointlessly?

Here I upload and video.

Any sugestions?