FleX UE4.16: Control over particle attachment - Ideas?

Hello Everyone!

So I’ve been toying around with the UE4.16 FleX implementation and am in high hopes im going to achieve what I’m going for.

The underlying problem is that I need very exact collision detection and deformation on some features of the mesh, not so much on others - but would still like to benefit from the deformation FleX provides on those others.

Is it possible to attach FleX-Particles in Soft Bodies to each other?
Is it possible to implement some sort of vector field defining position of FleX Particles(and possibly some of their traits) instead of having FleX sample the volume/skin of the model? (Not asking for a ready made solution, just a general “yeah that should be possible” or “nah mate, dont even try”)

Been thinking of having several soft body meshes and attaching them by using “helper rigids” in between them but that feels… like I’m stacking blocks like a toddler. Not elegant. Also, ugly, if I don’t hide it in the game later.

Any ideas are appreciated.

I’m trying to implement something similar to what I believe you’re talking about and it should be possible. Two things I’m looking into today are the possibilities of integrating something like this

also figuring out how the Melt demo scene works which is included in GitHub - NVIDIAGameWorks/FleX (might need to request git access if you haven’t already). Since the melt scene isn’t running using unreal I’m going to try and port it but I didn’t even know about Gameworks or Flex until a few days ago and it’s been a while since I’ve done any coding. Definitely open to collaborating on a solution if you haven’t figured it out yet.