FLeX -- Multiple Dynamic Friction coefficients


I’m simulating a scene with two rigid bodies. I’d like to be able to set a different dynamic friction coefficient for each shape. Is this possible? If so, how? Looking at the demos and the code, it appears that the whole scene can have only a single dynamic friction coefficient applied to everything, which doesn’t sound right.

Thank you in advance


friction coefficient are a property of the material and I find it hard to believe that the entire scene is forced to use a single material. So I would double check the documentation. At least that was how PhysX used to work. I have not started to use Flex yet but I have some experience with PhysX. Are you able to set material properties for the rigid bodies ?

You can set stiffness and inverse mass on a given rigid body, and that’s pretty much it. I guess given the focus on /universal/ physics engine, I’m not so surprised that early releases are missing some important details such as the ability to set friction coefficient on each shape. I gave up on Flex for this project already, which’s OK because I’m really only working with rigid bodies and so Bullet suffices.

Are you talking about FleX or PhysX? I assume you are creating two rigid bodies using FleX particles, is that right?

I’m talking about Flex (not PhysX). That’s right, exactly. And Flex (not PhysX) will not allow me to set friction coefficient for individual particles or groups of particles within a scene.