Physx Particles + DirectCompute

i all! I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to use Physx Particles with Direct Compute for the particles’ emission and lifetime management on GPU. I ask this because in all the Physx samples I have seen this is handled on CPU side, which limits the system’s particle amount.

If it is not possible with Physx, what about Apex? Any info is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your time

PsI already have a DirectCompute Emitter but what I don’t understand is how to pass the gpu buffer´s pointers where I have the particles to APEX and then back to hlsl to do the rendering. Any info is appreciated.

I suppose it might be possible, but we haven’t tried it. The PhysX Particles are implemented using CUDA, I’m not sure how you would pass the information from Direct Compute to CUDA without going back to the CPU.