Scripted Trajectories / Moving Objects

Hello all,

I’d like to have some moving objects in a scene to evaluate the robots reaction to them. Therefore it would be great to have a way of scripting a trajectory, ideally combined with a animated person. The animated part shouldn’t be a problem with the help of Omniverse, the Reallusion character samples look very promising. The problem is, that when i create a collider for them, it is created in the characters T-Pose and not moving with him. The moving collider is needed for the LiDAR-Scanner.

Is there a way to get a matching collider in Isaac Sim or something else which is comparable to the scripted trajectories for actors in Gazebo? (Gazebo : Tutorial : Make an animated model (actor)) That would be great!

Thanks for your help!

Can you tell us which version of Isaac Sim/SkelJoint extension/Xform constraint extension you’re using? @XuNie and @jiayuan can advise the right combo. Thanks.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

I’m using Isaac Sim version 2021.1.1, regarding the extensions I’m not quite sure.
In Isaac Sim there are no extensions available under the “Animation” category, in Create 2021.3.6 the SkelJoint extension v102.2.1 is available. Please find Screenshots from both programs below.

Additionally I noticed that i can’t view the skeleton in Isaac Sim. When i activate the visualization under “show by type” I’m only getting two warning messages:

2021-11-09 11:46:48 [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Main: usd_plugin: Unhandled ProcessPropertyChange callback for cachePath </World/Worker/ManRoot/Worker/Worker/Animation> in UsdSkelImagingSkelAdapter.

2021-11-09 11:46:48 [Warning] [omni.usd] Warning: in ProcessPropertyChange at line 519 of /buildAgent/work/ca6c508eae419cf8/USD/pxr/usdImaging/usdSkelImaging/skeletonAdapter.cpp -- Unhandled ProcessPropertyChange callback for cachePath </World/Worker/ManRoot/Worker/Worker/Animation> in UsdSkelImagingSkelAdapter.

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Hi Chr1s,

Do you still have this issue with Isaac Sim 2021.2.0?


Hi Liila,

thanks for coming back to this issue.

With the latest update i can now visualize the skeleton.

However my initial request remains unsolved. As you can see in the screenshot, the collider for the Worker is still in its static T-pose.
I would really appreciate it to have a moving collider for the worker and also - like mentioned in the first post - to have a way to script trajectories.

Thanks a lot for your efforts!


apparently, this is not currently possible… :(

hi @ltorabi any news on this?

Hi @eliabntt94, moving objects functionality will be available in our upcoming Isaac Sim release in December.

Hi, great to hear that. Will it work also for lidar sensing? Maybe you should also double check [BUG] Bounding boxes 3d are not updated for animated meshes this. I just discovered this problem.