Problems when trying to get the animated skeleton pose

I want to get bounding boxes of animated characters from Isaac Sim. But getting the character’s pose relative to the world does not work.

There is some issues that i’ve notice:

Using Omniverse Create App we can see the changing coordinates of the root prim of the skeleton

But it doesn’t work for Isaac Sim 2022.2.1

It also doesn’t work for me using Isaac Sim Python API. There is my code and it’s output for getting bounding boxes of characters and their poses relative the world:

# --- Getting boxes loop ---
need_boxes = get_boxes.Get_boxes(config_usd_path)
people_pathes = need_boxes.get_skels_pathes(["man1"])

while simulation_app.is_running():

   xform = XFormPrim(prim_path=people_pathes[0], name="Man1")
   xform_pose = XFormPrim(prim_path=people_pathes[0] + "/Man1/Man1/RL_BoneRoot")

   scen = Scene()
   comp = scen.compute_object_AABB(name="Man1")
   print("Bounding box:\n", comp)


Hello, I don’t have answer to your problem but can you let me know how you have created this scene and how did you provide animation to the human models ? If possible can you share the USD file ?

I am trying to create a same scene myself and I am totally new to this. A little help would mean a lot. Thanks!