Bounding box for a moving character


How can I calculate the World Bounding Box for a moving character?

I used the python snippet from here - Frequently Used Python Snippets — Omniverse Robotics documentation (Get Size of a Mesh)
But this approach calculates the bounding box for the mesh without regard to character motion.
I tried to get the world position from the SkelJoint, but this type of primitive is not supported by Isaac API

I have attached the little USD scene and the python script for this issue. (4.3 KB)

Isaac_version: 2022.1.0
scripth_path: /ISAAC_DIR/extension_examples/user_examples
usd_scene: /localhost/Users/Guest/CharacterBoxTest.usd

@nyla.worker , can you please look into this issue?

The snippet in the documentation doesn’t take animations into account.

In this case you would need to use omni.timeline to provide a time at which to get the bbox value. I’ve updated the from the attached script. (1.3 KB)