Measuring Mesh Units in ISAAC


I’m curious. How do you measure an object/mesh size inside of Omniverse Isaac Sim. I understand that Isaac uses Units which by default are in cm from the documentation, but how can I check an object’s length/dimensions?

So far, I have only been able to find a the cube size in its geometric property if its made from a Shape, but not if it is made from a mesh.

I want to make sure all the objects in the scene have a consistent size that matches their real-world size.

We have some utils that help with this but perhaps we can add more to print this info

you can use create_bbox_cache and then print the result of the appropriate Compute*Bound call from the usd bounding box cache API

I will add a feature request, I think adding a print_dimensions call would be very useful.

Thanks! This solves my initial problem.

Yes, please do! It would be very useful if we can see these values on the GUI just by clicking on the prim.

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