There are different 'Meters Per Unit' for different ‘Layer‘ in one stage

Omniverse Isaac Sim versions prior to 2022.1 have stage units in centimeters, while my USD(usd file) built by 2021.2.1 is “Meters Per Unit=0.01”.when I add reference ,it seems like scale 100x .The “root Layer” with “Meters Per Unit=1”,the reference “Layer” with “Meters Per Unit=0.01”.How should I deal with this problem?They have different units! Which is the real unit?Did I should set “scale=0.01” for the reference USD?


Hello! We recently updated the default units to conform with the Standard units of measurement, and some adjustments need to be made to use assets on new stages.

There is a conversion utility built-in isaac sim to assist with the process:

Changes can be reverted by resetting the stage units to 0.01 again, but I recommend making a back up of any asset you run through the converter just in case.

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