world units

I’m trying to set camera-parameters via
For the focal length, the API-doc states:
“Physical focal length of the camera in units equal to 0.1 * world units.”
Here (2. Environment Setup — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation), the following is stated:
“Stage units. Omniverse Isaac Sim versions prior to 2022.1 have stage units in centimeters, but the default is now meters. However, the default units for Omniverse Kit is still in centimeters.”
So I expect the world unit to be meters now, but my tests indicate that still uses centimeter as world unit. Is this function maybe not updated?

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Hi @sebastian.reicher - Someone from our team will take a look and get back to you.

Is there a way to make the units across the following four same? It makes it very confusing if we have to use them in tangent.

  1. Isaac Sim Script Editor (interactive)
  2. Isaac Sim Offline (headless) from terminal
  3. Omniverse Code Script Editor (interactive)
  4. Omniverse Code Offline (headless) from terminal

If I remember correctly, order of x,y, z is also not fully consistent across these.