Use omniverse api to add camera in scene got rotation problem

i’m using the code below to create a camera, i set up the position and rotation tags, and then i find that a Camera_Xform is created, and a Camera instance is under it. For this step there’s no problem, and the position is only set to Camera_Xform, this also has no problem, but!! the rotation is set up to both Camera_Xform and Camera instance, which means that the camera is rotated twice, why and how to solve this problem?

camera =, 0, 1.0),rotation=(90,0,90),focus_distance=rep.distribution.normal(400.0, 100),f_stop=0)

Hi @baikaixin. I am not able to reproduce that. When I run that in Code-2022.3 or Code-2022.2, I don’t see any Transform properties on the Camera prim. Which app are you using?