Adding human model to scene

Hi, I want to create some scenes of human-robot collaborative task, I want to know if I can import 3d models of human body to to the task and if there are some samples of it, many thanks!

Hi @hawkeex

If you want to do some quickly test, you can use the Reallusion animated models, such as the worker (provided by default in the omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Characters/Reallusion/Worker/Props on your nucleus server)

You can always import a 3D human model as you can import any other 3D asset. However, if you want to animate it, as far as I know, you need to try more advanced things…

Then, you can do the animation using external software, e.g. Maya, and export the USD to Isaac sim using connectors. Also, you can explore Machinima, an Omniverse app to assemble animation clips on characters and others and use them with Isaac sim…

Thanks for your prompt reply! If I get it right, you mean I can’t adjust the 3d model’s pose in Isaac Sim even the model have the skeleton property?

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Hi. As far as I know, not directly from Isaac Sim.

correct, you can’t control the human directly in the Isaac Sim at the moment in Isaac Sim, you can run the USD.
Are you looking for an animation or actual physical movement with joints and all?


Okay, thanks!

Yes, because I want to create a scene which elders are assisted by robot to do some task, It requires the human model to change its’ pose in the scene, so it would be great if it can be adjusted like robot’s joint.