Adding characters to the Isaac Sim sample environments


I have been trying to add the worker character provided in Omniverse nucleus/ NVIDIA/Characters/ Worker to some of the samples scenes because I need to test the vision of the robot and check if it can detect humans however, when I add the worker to the scene, it acts as a ghost and the robot can even go through it. The motions provided forthe work do not work either and I get the following warning on the terminal:
[Warning] [carb.python] Error ‘omniverse://localhost/Isaac/Samples/Isaac_SDK/Scenario/Bones/Worker.StandingDiscussion_LookingDown_M.usd’ is unreachable.
I wanted to ask if there is any other way to add characters and test human detection or if I can fix this by any chance.
Thank you

@s.moradkhan when adding a character to a new stage the timeline for that stage needs to be modified. By default, start and end are both zero.

Adding collisions to dynamic characters is something we are working on currently. If the character is standing in the same location, one option is to add a invisible collision shape like a cylinder around the character. To do this, create a cylinder shape/mesh. under the property tab add->physics->collision. and then set the “purpose” property under raw USD settings in the property tab to “guide”

With the rising importants of Collaborating Robots (Cobots) the collision of dynamic characters is a feature that would be really need. At the moment there are multiple papers using Tecnomatics from Siemens to simulate the optimal interaction between human and robot.

I would like to use Isaac Sim in the future for that, to have the easy access to all the AI processing that Nvidia nowadays offer. I would personally love to switch to Omniverse.

Therefore it would be really interesting to get information about how the process in the feature is by now and if we can expect a launch of it any soon.


Hi Benutzer,

You are absolutely right, this has high priority in the omniverse team and defiantly on the roadmap. I would say in summer we would have some examples of this.