SPH ignores kinematic triangle mesh ( px322\ win 8 x64\ vs2010\ release\ GTX 670 )

Hi all,
The trouble described by the name of topic, my fluid particles react with convex kinematic meshes, with static triangle meshes but not with the kinematic triangle. It simply ignores any added geomentry and no matter if GPU acceleration is on\off. As I can see, this problem perhaps was solved in 3.2 BETA 3 build, http://physxinfo.com/news/6979/first-beta-of-physx-sdk-3-2-is-released/

[Beta-3] Added support for kinematic triangle meshes, planes and heighfields.

I have attached the chunk of my code where I cook and add geo.

PxTriangleMeshDesc meshDesc;

fill in mehsDesc geo data here

PxToolkit::MemoryOutputStream writeBuffer;
mCooking->cookTriangleMesh(meshDesc, writeBuffer); // check for ret val here

PxToolkit::MemoryInputData readBuffer(writeBuffer.getData(), writeBuffer.getSize());
PxTriangleMesh * p_kinTriObstacle = mPhysics->createTriangleMesh(readBuffer);
// check for null etc

PxRigidDynamic * aTriMeshActor = mPhysics->createRigidDynamic ( // ident SRT here );
// check for null etc

aTriMeshActor->setRigidDynamicFlag(PxRigidDynamicFlag::eKINEMATIC, true);
PxShape* aTriMeshShape = aTriMeshActor->createShape(PxTriangleMeshGeometry(p_kinTriObstacle), *mMaterial);
// check for null etc

mScene->addActor (*aTriMeshActor);

Maybe I do something wrong ?
Thanks in advance,
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SPH particles are currently not supported to collide with kinematic meshes. May I know your usecase so it might be supported in the future? Thanks.