Actor with triangle mesh shape and collisions


To avoid error, I use the SmapleHelloWorld as base.

I create a triangle static actor.
I also create a sphere kinematic Actor.
I also create a triangle kinematic Actor.

I activate collisions between kinematics.

I move the kinematic sphere to the triangle static actor and I can detect the collision. (with stKinematicTarget)

I move the kinematic triangle actor to collide with the triangle static actor with setGlobalpose and there is not collision (normal) and all is ok.

However, if I move the kinematic triangle actor with setKinematicTarget, there is a Debug Assertion failed, the program crash and in the console there is this message:

PxcNpBatch.cpp(713): Assertion failed: materialMethod

My Material is a simple:

PxMaterial *mat=getPhysics().createMaterial(0.4,0.5,0.5);

Is it a bug?


I have installed 3.3.3

Same error, but How I have the source code, I was checking the file PxcNPBatch
The error now is in line 695.

PxcGetMaterialMethod materialMethod = g_GetMaterialMethodTable[g0][g1];

I check that my values when I have the kinematic sphere and the static trimesh are (g0,g1): 0 5

But, I have the error when I have the kinematic trimesh and the static trimesh which values are (g0,g1): 5 5

And g_GetMaterialMethodTable[5][5] is 0

So, Collisions between trimesh static and trimesh kinematics are not allowed?