Building Graphical User Interface in Omniverse Create

Hello there,

I would like to build a graphical user interface within Omniverse Create. Thoughts are, I would use action graph to indicate when an object in my scene is selected (active state) to pop up a widget UI that sources metadata via REST API.

I’ve been searching online, however, haven’t quite found resources on top of it. Does anybody have input on how I might get started with this?

An equivalent is “Widget Blueprints” in Unreal Engine. Is there an equivalent framework within Omniverse?

Hi @thaqif. Welcome to the forums. Please consider joining us on Discord too: NVIDIA Omniverse

I would start by learning from these Extension workflow tutorials. This one specifically shows how to create a popup widget in the viewport: How to make an Object Info Widget Extension — Omniverse Workflows documentation

If you’re interested in visual scripting and not Python, then you could start by looking at these Action Graph samples: Action Graph Samples Walkthrough - NVIDIA Omniverse - Node With Me - YouTube

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