Creating a Web-based virtual tour


I am recreating the apartament scene in USD Composer that initially did with Maya / V-Ray.
The goal is to get as the results as close as possible to V-Ray static render but using RTX Realtime engine which I presume could eventually be run inside the browser from any device.

Something like this

  1. Is it possible to create user navigable movement using an Action Graph? Something like click&go inside the Omniverse View but more elegant and customisable.

  2. What are the current Omniverse solutions for the Web-based viewable project?
    I’ve seen NVIDIA Rimac Nevera Configurator the official sample, but it seems it still has a lot of things to improve, like slow loading textures and a lot of visual glitches (unless it is caused by my internet connection).

Did anybody try something like this? Perhaps on bigger scale such as entire room / apartment?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Karol,
Yes you are correct. Eventually the idea is that we have fully interactive 3D with real time raytracing through a web browser. You can use omnigraph to program actions, navigation, etc for an interactive experience. This could be hosted by Nvidia cloud servers or by a private server. Officially the closest thing to this is the Rimac Configurator but more examples will surely be developed.


Hi Richard.
Thanks. I would like to give it a try and upload my current project to Nvidia cloud. I already applied for an access multiple times but without any luck.

Could you point me somebody who I can contact directly about the cloud services?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Karol,
In order to get on OVC (omniverse cloud) you will need to have an Enterprise level account. Is that something you are interested in ? If so I can connect you will sales.

Hi Richard,

Would Enterprise include access to Nvidia own cloud so I could upload some scenes and test them or I we need our own cloud server such as Amazon aws or Azure up and running?

It would be our own cloud solution yes. But you can upload whatever you want

Hi Richard,
would you please put me in touch with the sales team? I would like to give it a try!

have a good weekend!