Does Omniverse have any plans for a web-based version that runs in a browser?

I know you can render videos already, but I am curious if anywhere on your roadmap is the ability to render Omniverse in a web browser?

Just wondering if interactive websites could ever be possible.


Hello @DataJuggler! Yes, it is possible with Omniverse Cloud. We have an example of this here: Rimac Nevera 3D configurator. You can Launch the Experience which will launch a web-based app inside of Omniverse Cloud.

Fine print: Rimac Nevera 3D Configurator can be launched from the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browsers on Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS devices. Support for mobile phones and tablets is coming soon.

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Thank you. I will take a look.

I am worried about the future of AI:

Are you sure the link is correct, or maybe not public?


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A feature like this makes a lot of sense. One might assume it’s inevitable.

My apologies, I set that link to this: instead of this

Guess I got too excited with the keyboard! LOL

I edited the link so it should work now!

Thank you.