Is it possible to run Omniverse from Geforce Now?

Hi everyone,
I’d like to know if anyone has been successful in Launching Omniverse from Geforce Now, I have a DELL Precision with a Quadro card (not RTX), and I’m not in the mood of getting a new computer just yet since this one is serving me pretty well .
But I’d like to start simulating my robots in Isaac Gym, so, again the question:
Can Omniverse be launched from Geforce Now??
Nvidia posted a video on YouTube saying so, but I couldn’t find any piece of evidence on this matter. Don’t want to be spending 99 USD just to find that the only thing I can do is letting my niece play Fortnite on my phone.

Hello @bennani.kerrout.nabil!

Let me know if I am wrong, but I am guessing that you are referring to the GeForce Now Cloud Gaming feature. Short answer, No you cannot launch Omniverse via GeForce Cloud Gaming. I do not know if this will be possible in the future.

We will be releasing Omniverse Cloud very soon. Here is a link for more information on that: Omniverse Cloud Platform | NVIDIA

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