Omniverse on NVIDIA A10G (AWS EC2)


Will Omniverse apps run on the NVIDIA A10G? It has RTX support, but it is not listed under the supported GPUS.
I tried running an EC2 G5 instance on AWS (Windows 2022 sever), but the Omniverse applications won’t launch.

If not, is there any way to get Omniverse running on an EC2 instance?


Hello @lukas.mahieu! Do you have an Enterprise account with Omniverse? I want to make sure that I direct your question to the right person!

hello @lukas.mahieu - Omniverse will work on a A10 GPU instance. I use this:

AWS instance → NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019

  • g5.4xlarge


  • Chrome
  • Omniverse (Launcher, cache, Nucleus, Create)
  • Ignore (click through) all windows version supported dialogs

I have not tried a generic Windows 2022 + G5. But will probably fail if driver not loaded. need to follow the AWS steps to install driver.

Okay, thank you.
Unfortunately I can’t access the RTX virtual workstation since my organisation has restrictions on using images from the marketplace, but it’s good to know that it should be able to work on Windows 2022 + G5. Something must have gone wrong during my driver set-up then.

I am also having the exact same problem. Amazon AWS machine with Windows Server 2019, A10g GPU, latest driver from NVIDIA website (527.41), app installed (Code, Create) but won’t launch.
Any solution?