Could not open IsaacSim, View, Create on Azure(Windows10)

I had installed omniverse and its kits on Azure based on windows 10, but I cannot open all kits.

I had already installed GPU Driver.

OS : |Windows 10 Pro – 21H2 -Gen2|
GPU : |Standard NC16as T4 v3|
GPU Driver Version : |474.04|

log :
omni_view_app_splash_log.log (98.7 KB)
omni_create_app_splash_log.log (155.1 KB)
isaac-sim_App_Selector_log.log (170.5 KB)

Please help, THKS.

Moving this to Omniverse General discussion forum. This issue is affecting all kit apps.

Hello @neo_cheng! According to your logs you are getting this error message:

[Error] [] No device could be created. Some known system issues:
- The driver is not installed properly and requires a clean re-install.
- Your GPUs do not support RayTracing: DXR or Vulkan ray_tracing, or hardware is excluded due to performance.
- The driver cannot enumerate any GPU: driver, display or a docker issue. For Vulkan, test it with Vulkaninfo tool from Vulkan SDK, instead of nvidia-smi.

The NVIDIA Tesla T4 does not have the Ray Tracing Tensor Cores required to run Omniverse. You can take a look at our * Technical Requirements for more information on system requirements.

I would like to suggest that you take a look at NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud where you can run Omniverse on the Cloud from any device, anywhere!

I installed the wrong GPU Driver.
If I want to install driver on Azure, I need to install vGPU Driver.

Azure N-series NVIDIA GPU driver setup for Windows - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn

Check part of NVIDIA GRID drivers.

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