Omniverse on AWS environment

Hi, we want to confirm whether we can use Omniverse on AWS environment or no.

My understanding is that Nucleus and Cache sever may work on AWS environment
even if AWS instance does not have RTX.
But applications regarding RTX Renderer ( Omniverse View, Create ) may not work
if AWS instance which does not have Ampere base RTX.

Currently it looks EC2 P4d of AWS uses NVIDIA A100 and A100 is Ampere architecture.

In this case, can we use omniverse application ( View, Create ) on this instance?


Masahiro Suzuoki

Hello @nirsatia1890! Thanks for reaching out. I have forwarded this to our development team.

I have used this AWS instance type for Create.

Thank you for the answer!

I could create Omniverse environment by using the same AWS instance.